To our amazing RIDE community:

Charleston RIDE is closing, and our last day of operations will be Saturday, May 28. It has been an incredible 5 years, for which we are profoundly grateful and joyous! We have been blessed to serve you, the Charleston community, and cherish the magic that you all have helped us create in this little studio that has become a sanctuary of peace, power and love for so many. We’re sure you have lots of questions, so we’ve compiled what we believe are the most important pieces of information for you to know below. 

1) Why are you closing? The fabric of our personal lives is changing which necessitated making this decision. We’re proud of and grateful for the RIDE journey and will keep this chapter of life protected always in our hearts.

2) I have active classes on my Class Card – will I get a refund? Yes!       

  • Customers with active classes remaining on their cards after our closing date of May 28 will receive a full refund on those classes. 
  • After April 28, no more auto pay charges for Unlimited Monthly Card holders will occur; if your card expires after April 28 but before May 28 and you would like to take classes until the closing date, simply purchase a smaller class card or drop in. 
  • After April 28, we will disable the ability to purchase Unlimited Monthly Cards and 20-Class Cards. All other class cards will remain available for purchase through our last month.
  • Gift Card Charity Donations will have no surrender cash value; so if you have one, use it in the month of May.

3) What can we expect in May – the last month of operation? May will be our Celebration & Gratitude month! All classes will run as normal, and you can expect some surprises –  like Journey Rides popping up in a regularly scheduled class and visitors from the past!

4) Will this affect the Pedal4Pattison’s Spinning Marathon event? Nope. The P4P Event Committee is a well-oiled machine and we could plan the event from a tropical beach sippin’ coconut water, just sayin’. We are READY for P4P 2017, the 10th Anniversary!  Bring it! As long as Pattison’s Academy and PACE need help, we will be there, and we know you will, too.

5) Where are the instructors going and how can I stay plugged in to the RIDE crew? Many of the RIDE team already teach at other facilities, and of course we will see you out on the road. We will be keeping our FB page live so the RIDE community can stay connected.

We can’t wait to celebrate the awesomeness of the last 5 years with you! It will be 4 weeks of laughter, fun, memories, and of course sweat, culminating in one final ride on May 28! We thank you, the RIDE family, for filling this sanctuary with incredible energy and love. You all form a unique, magnificent tribe; a unified community that transcends the need for a brick and mortar space to stay together. We will be connected, always.  

With gratitude and love,
Rebecca, Luciana and the Charleston RIDE™ Team