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Charleston: The Ride: Sept. 26th, 6pm


“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the 3 classes I took last week at Charleston RIDE. I am so excited to move for many reasons, but CR is at the very top of my list! I fell in love with Spinning® 6 years ago and was lucky to have my first experience at a true certified studio with wonderful instructors who had a passion for the craft and the knowledge to guide, educate, and motivate. I moved away 2 years ago and ever since, I have been trying class after class seeking that initial connection I had to Spinning…the pure joy. It wasn’t until CR that I felt that excitement again. Thank you!! I literally cried tears of happiness 50 minutes into both Friday and Sunday’s classes as my heartbeat and adrenaline soared. When done right, there is nothing quite like a Spinning class. 60 minutes breeze by, mind and body connect, and every problem just melts away. I will be coming to classes whenever I am in town until September when I move permanently and then I will be a regular….can’t wait for that! Also, the instructors are all incredible, and I also wanted to thank Morgan at the desk. She was a phenomenal help and made me feel incredibly welcomed and informed my first time up to the studio. Thank you a million times over and can’t wait to ride again!”
Heather Meibach,